This course is designed for those with past traditional climbing experience and or as a continuation from one of our traditional climbing courses. Participants will be exposed to the skills and techniques needed to safely and efficiently begin to climb on the multitude of inspiring multi-pitch routes found locally and throughout the world.
Skills covered will include:

  • Safety and risk recognition involved with multi-pitch climbing
  • Climbing communication (including when you can’t see or hear your partner)
  • Lead belaying and belaying from above
  • Multi-pitch anchor management and transitions
  • Safely lowering a climber with an engaged auto-lock device from above
  • Selecting objectives and creating strategies
  • Equipment selection for intended routes
  • Route finding, retreat/escape plans and options
  • Ropes: one vs. two, and two vs. one rope with one tag line.
  • Multi-pitch rappels

Through our Multi-Pitch Climbing Course participants will acquire the necessary skills to attempt longer climbs on their own. This course is a great continuation from either of our Traditional Lead Climbing Courses.

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Dates

  • May 1
  • May 22
  • Jun 12
  • Jul 3
  • Jul 24
  • Aug 14
  • Sep 4
  • Sep 25
  • Oct 9




  • 2 : 1