“Local’s Friday” Designed to offer locals an affordable way to start ice climbing.  Leave town at 12:30 go straight to Hyalite for an introduction to ice. Climb until dark.
Contact us for details.
All technical gear is included.


Day 1
8:30 am at Hyalite Trail Head

  • Welcome, introduction, aspiration, goals, agenda
  • Knots, harnesses, and ropes
  • Set crampons to boots and check harnesses
  • Discussion of safety procedures
  • Basic Ice Movement – foot work with crampons and ice tool placements
  • Basic belay techniques and belay commands
  • Top roped climbs in Hyalite Canyon
  • Lowering
  • Lots of climbing!  Learn by doing with coaching and instruction.
Introduction to Ice Bonus Day

Dates: Saturday following course
Cost: $250 (Must be booked with in 24 hrs of class to get this rate)
Ratio: 2:1 (minimum of 2 participants)

Put your honed-in ice climbing skills to use on a private guided ice climb on one of Hyalite Canyon’s classic ice climbs. The focus will be to climb a magnificent route while bringing a teaching scenario along with us.   This is a great opportunity to fine-tune the skills learned from our 1-day course.

Equipment List


  • Boots: single insulated ice climbing boot with crampon compatibility*
  • Climbing Harness*
  • Climbing Helmet*
  • Ice Tools (2)*
  • Crampons: step in with vertical front points must fit your boots*
  • Belay Device and locking carabiner*

*We will provide these items but we must know in advance, particularly boot size


If your body runs cold you may want to add another layer

  • Long underwear, mid-weight (top & bottom), synthetic or wool.
  • Soft shell pant (lightly insulated)
  • Fleece or sweater (medium or lightweight)
  • Fleece (heavyweight)-have as backup in case your trip is during a cold snap
  • Insulated jacket (down or synthetic)
  • Waterproof jacket with hood (Gore-Tex)
  • Waterproof pants  (Gore-Tex)
  • Socks (mid-weight)
  • Hat: fleece or wool hat that covers ears & fits under a helmet
  • Gloves: one thin pair (medium weight) and one thick pair
  • Gaiters (optional)
  • Neck gaiter/buff or scarf


  • Daypack: 40-55L with ice tool carrying capabilities.
  • Sun screen
  • Sunglasses
  • Thermos: optional but wonderful to have
  • 1-liter water bottle with insulated sleeve (full!)
  • Food for the day: energy bars, GU packs or Hammer Gels
  • Hint: keep some food in your pockets so it doesn’t freeze.
  • Camera (optional), we have Go Pro helmet cam mounts.


  • Headlamp
  • Super light 10-20-liter pack to bring on route for belay coat, H2O, and food
  • Alternatively have method to clip above items to harness.
  • Optional second base layer top to change in to after long sweaty approaches
  • Plastic ice-screw holders that are pre-mounted to your harness

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Dates

December 3, 2016

December 10, 2016

January 14, 2017

February 4, 2017

March 4, 2017




Minimum of 4 participants