With world-class ice climbing cliffs less than a fifteen-minute walk from the parking area this climbing course will maximize your time amidst the vertical. Our Introduction to Ice Climbing Course takes place on the flanks of the glacially carved Hyalite Canyon walls, situated on the northern fringe of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Our experienced ice climbing guides customize all ice climbing instruction to each individual’s climbing abilities and experience levels. Ice climbing technique is our focal point and you will be learning from the pros then put the climbing lessons in to action. Each day will be filled with continual feedback, instruction, and as much climbing as possible. Participants will walk away from our 2-day Introduction to Ice Climbing course with a solid ice climbing foundation; including the safety, knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to enjoy the wild and wonderful sport of ice climbing.


  • Ability to identify ice climbing equipment, properly don and check harness, helmet, boots, crampons
  • Belay communications
  • Climbing knots and hitches: figure 8 follow through, double fisherman’s, prussic, munter, clove hitch, and water knot
  • Proper top rope anchor placement and set up
  • Rappel setup and techniques with friction devices.
  • Ice climbing technique up to WI 4 with coaching


The MAG ice guides are composed of some of the most experienced climbing guides in The Rockies with years of teaching and guiding in Hyalite Canyon and elsewhere. We love to pass our ice climbing knowledge on to new eager ice climbers. No experience is necessary for this course, which is why we are here!

Hyalite Canyon is arguably the best ice climbing venue in the US.  With its close proximity to Bozeman’s Gallatin Field International Airport, Hyalite Canyon is undoubtedly the most convenient and affordable world-class ice climbing venue to access in all of North America.

In addition to this 2-day course you can maximize your time and expenses with one of our “Bonus Day Ice Climbs”. With a newly established skill set you will impress yourself at what you will be able to climb.


Day 1
7:30 am at Montana Alpine Guides

  • Meet your guide at MAG’s shop, 13 Enterprise Blvd in Bozeman.
  • Fit all necessary gear and fill out paper work
  • Carpool to Hyalite Canyon
  • Full day of instruction and climbing
  • Return to our shop between 3:30-4:30 pm

Day 2
7:30 am at Montana Alpine Guides

  • Meet at MAG shop, carpool to Hyalite Canyon.
  • Review skills from day 1.
  • Introduction to steeper ice climbing techniques
  • Climbing with instruction/coaching on steeper climbs.
  • Photo opportunities on routes
  • Return to to our shop between 3:30-4:30
  • Return gear, debrief from trip, grab a MAG hoody or shirt.
Introduction to Ice Bonus Day

Dates: Dec 4, Jan 15, Feb 5, March 5
Cost: Private Rates
Ratio: 2:1 (minimum of 2 participants)

Put your new skills to use for a great day on a private guided climb.  Available to those who have completed the course. On this day we head up to one of the multi-pitch (several rope lengths in height) climbs in Hyalite.

Equipment List


  • Boots: single insulated ice climbing boot with crampon compatibility*
  • Climbing Harness*
  • Climbing Helmet*
  • Ice Tools (2)*
  • Crampons: step in with vertical front points must fit your boots*
  • Belay Device and locking carabiner*

**We can provide these items but we must know in advance, particularly boot size**


If your body runs cold you may want to add another layer

  • Long underwear, mid-weight (top & bottom), synthetic or wool.
  • Soft shell pant (lightly insulated)
  • Fleece or sweater (medium or lightweight)
  • Fleece (heavyweight)-have as backup in case your trip is during a cold snap
  • Insulated jacket (down or synthetic)
  • Waterproof jacket with hood (Gore-Tex)
  • Waterproof pants  (Gore-Tex)
  • Socks (mid-weight)
  • Hat: fleece or wool hat that covers ears & fits under a helmet
  • Gloves: one thin pair (medium weight) and one thick pair
  • Gaiters (optional)
  • Neck gaiter/buff or scarf


  • Daypack: 40-55L with ice tool carrying capabilities.
  • Sun screen
  • Sunglasses
  • Thermos: optional but wonderful to have
  • 1-liter water bottle with insulated sleeve (full!)
  • Food for the day: energy bars, GU packs or Hammer Gels
  • Hint: keep some food in your pockets so it doesn’t freeze.
  • Camera (optional), we have Go Pro helmet cam mounts.


  • Headlamp
  • Super light 10-20-liter pack to bring on route for belay coat, H2O, and food
  • Alternatively have method to clip above items to harness.
  • Optional second base layer top to change in to after long sweaty approaches
  • Plastic ice-screw holders that are pre-mounted to your harness

Course Duration

2 day course

Don’t see course dates to match your schedule? Book a Private Course for any dates.

Course Dates

  • December 1-2
  • December 8-9
  • December 29-30
  • January 19-20
  • February 16-17
  • March 16-17


$440 for 2-day course

  • Includes all equipment (ice tools, boots, crampons, helmet, & harness)
  • No extra costs


4 : 1 (max of 8 participants : 2 guides)

Don’t see course dates or schedule that works for you?
Visit our calendar for other course dates for you or your group.