Montana Alpine Guides 2014 VetEx Hyalite Trip

Nice work to everyone who made it up for Montana Alpine Guides (MAG) 2014 VetEx Hyalite Ice Trip. Another solid crew of folks who were all eager to learn and eager to climb 4 days in a row! A huge thanks out to the fellow MAG guides, Nate Opp, Peter Ramos, Anne Gilbert, Aki Joy as well as Conrad Anker and The North Face, and Petzl for the demo tools. Of course none of this could not have happened with out the endless drive and energy from Stacy Bare and NicK Watson of VetEx and Sierra Club Outdoors. To all the Vets/climbers who made the effort to drive the winter roads to make it to one of our nations finest ice climbing venues, thanks to Josh Brandon, Bruce Black, Dave Fierner, Dennis Conner, Mike Pickerel, Dan Shoemaker, Dan Wiwczar, Demond Mullins, John Krueger, Samantha Tinsley, Eddie Owens, Dave Lee.

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