Ice Climbing in Cody, Wyoming- South Fork of the Shoshone
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Montana Alpine Guides’ represent the “most local” guide service for Cody, WY ice climbing in the South Fork of the Shoshone. No other guide service is in closer proximity, and no other group of guides have collectively climbed more in this area. Our guides are some of the most experienced ice climbing guides in this area, having collectively climbed the majority of the ice climbs in the South Fork and even added a few first ascents.

The South Fork of the Shoshone ranks as one of the top four ice climbing destinations in the country. What makes Cody stand out from the rest, is the high quantity of 5-star multi-pitch ice climbs from WI3- WI7. Due to its geographic location, the “rain shadow” effect equates to very little snow and one can often approach on dry ground. There are very few locations on the continent that have this unique combination. For trips to Cody, we encourage participants to book at least two to three days to make the travel worthwhile.

All trips to Cody’s South Fork are custom bookings. You pick the dates, times, objectives, or instructional focus. Contact us to customize your outing or choose from existing course outlines and pick your own dates and times.


Intro to Ice (2-day course): $250/person/day

Intermediate Ice (2-day course): $325/person/day

Cody- Advanced Ice Climbing Day
1:1- $599
2:1- $399/person/day ($798 total/day)

Cody- Extreme Ice Climbing Day
1:1- $699
2:1- $449/person ($898 total)

Rates do not include a 3.5% land use charge for us to operate on US public lands.  Additional Expenses may apply depending on trip type: $195- guides travel (Bozeman-Cody) & $125/night guides’ lodging.


1:1 with a max of 2:1 on multi-pitch climbs

6:1 max for class days
Can accommodate groups up to 16 participants