Ice Climbing South Fork of the Shoshone | Custom Ice Climbing Trips
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MAG offers custom ice climbing trips in the South Fork of the Shoshone outside of Cody, WY.  The South Fork of the Shoshone ranks in as one of the top four ice climbing destinations in the country. What makes Cody stand out from the rest is the high quantity of 5-star multi-pitch ice climbs from WI3- WI7. Due to it’s geographic location the “rain shadow” effect equates to very little snow and one can often approach on dry ground. There very few locations on the continent that have this unique combination.  For trips to Cody we encourage participants to book at least two-three days to make the travel worthwhile.  Our guides are some of the the most experienced ice climbing guides in this area having collectively climbed the majority of the ice climbs in the South Fork and added a few first ascents.

All trips to Cody’s South Fork are custom bookings. You pick the dates, times, objectives or instructional focus. Contact us to customize your outing or choose from existing course outlines and pick your own dates and times.

Objective Climbs
  • Smoked Turkey (WI 3)
  • Bozo’s Revenge (WI 3, 3 pitches)
  • School House Route (WI4, 5-6 pitches)
  • Smooth Emerald Milkshake (WI 4)
  • The Main Vein (WI 4)
  • Cabin Fever (WI 4)
  • High on Boulder (WI 4, 4-5 pitches)
  • Sendero Illuminoso (WI 4)
  • Morratorium (WI4+, 2 pitches)
  • Mean Green (WI 5, 6-7 pitches)
  • Moonrise (WI 5, 2 pitches)
  • Classroom Bully (WI5, 6 pitches)
  • Slow Turning (WI 5, 6-7 pitches)
  • Joy After Pain (WI5, 5 pitches)
  • Broken Hearts (WI 5, 5-7 pitches)
  • Illogicicle (WI 5, 3 pitches)
  • Ovisight (WI 6, 4-5 pitches)
  • Many, many more routes …
Custom Options

Objective Climbs
Any of our courses or a mix of course itineraries
Beginner ice climbs to expert multi-pitch climbs

Equipment List


  • Boots: single insulated ice climbing boot with crampon compatibility*
  • Climbing Harness*
  • Climbing Helmet*
  • Ice Tools (2)*
  • Crampons: step in with vertical front points must fit your boots*
  • Belay Device and locking carabiner*

**We can provide these items but we must know in advance, particularly boot size**


If your body runs cold you may want to add another layer

  • Long underwear, mid-weight (top & bottom), synthetic or wool.
  • Soft shell pant (lightly insulated)
  • Fleece or sweater (medium or lightweight)
  • Fleece (heavyweight)-have as backup in case your trip is during a cold snap
  • Insulated jacket (down or synthetic)
  • Waterproof jacket with hood (Gore-Tex)
  • Waterproof pants  (Gore-Tex)
  • Socks (mid-weight)
  • Hat: fleece or wool hat that covers ears & fits under a helmet
  • Gloves: one thin pair (medium weight) and one thick pair
  • Gaiters (optional)
  • Neck gaiter/buff or scarf


  • Daypack: 40-55L with ice tool carrying capabilities.
  • Sun screen
  • Sunglasses
  • Thermos: optional but wonderful to have
  • 1-liter water bottle with insulated sleeve (full!)
  • Food for the day: energy bars, GU packs or Hammer Gels
  • Hint: keep some food in your pockets so it doesn’t freeze.
  • Camera (optional), we have Go Pro helmet cam mounts.


  • Headlamp
  • Super light 10-20-liter pack to bring on route for belay coat, H2O, and food
  • Alternatively have method to clip above items to harness.
  • Optional second base layer top to change in to after long sweaty approaches
  • Plastic ice-screw holders that are pre-mounted to your harness


Full Day (5-10 hrs)
$425 for one person plus $125 for each additional person
1:1- $425
2:1- $550
3:1- $675
4:1- $800


6:1 max (2:1 on multi-pitch climbs)
Can accommodate groups up to 16 participants