In celebration of Independence Day and to those who have served in the US military a small group of military veterans will tie in with MAG (Montana Alpine Guides) for a summit attempt on the highest peak in Wyoming, Gannett Peak (13,809’). This won’t be the first trip that MAG has made with a group of veterans. For the past 4 years we have had a solid crew of veterans come to ice climb with us in Hyalite Canyon, MT in the heart of winter. Both trips this year have been possible through Sierra Club’s Mission Outdoors Program.

With a solid team of ten the MAG/SC Outdoors crew will start in the small rural town of Crowheart located on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Locals from Crowheart will drive them up a rugged road to the “Cold Springs” trailhead (9,500’). The next two days will be spent approaching the peak through the Shoshone National Forest as they go up and over the aptly named “Scenic Pass” then down to the “Ink Wells” to make camp. On day two the team will continue walking toward the imposing north face of Gannett Peak to then establish a high camp near the terminus of the Dinwoody Glacier/snow field.

On the Fourth of July they will make their summit attempt starting out on their climb well before the sunrise. Just as the sun crests the eastern ridge lines they should be roping up for the technical snow climbing portions of this spectacular peak.

Check back in for the post trip report around 7/12/15 to hear how the climbing was on our nations Independence Day for this small group of ten.