This course is limited to those who have previously served in the US military or who are current military. It mirrors that of our Intro to Ice Course! A 2-day course designed for the complete novice and/or those who have climbed rock, and are looking to extend those skills into the world of ice climbing. Learn the techniques, gear, and skills needed to become a competent ice climber!


  • Ability to identify ice climbing equipment, properly don and check harness, helmet, boots, and crampons.
  • Belay communications.
  • Climbing knots and hitches: Figure 8 Follow-through, Double Fisherman’s, Prussic, Munter, Clove Hitch, and Water Knot.
  • Proper top rope anchor placement and setup.
  • Rappel setup and techniques with friction devices.
  • Ice climbing technique up to WI4 with coaching.

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Dates

  • January 14-15, 2023

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$495 for 2-day course (plus 5% military discount)


  • Professional guiding and instruction
  • All technical equipment (ice tools, boots, crampons, helmet, and harness)


4:1 (max of 8 participants, 2 guides)

Note: With 8 participants, we will have two 4:1 climbing teams to maintain better social distancing.


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