Alpine rock climbing requires mountain sense and a slew of techniques that are unknown to most traditional climbers in order to be successful. In the alpine, we will often find hundreds or thousands of feet of 4th and 5th class climbing, serious weather that may demand rapid retreat or mandatory ascent, loose rock, snow, ice, route finding, etc. Knowing when to go, what to expect, how and where retreat is possible, etc. are all among the knowledge base topics we will introduce to participants. Skills covered will include:

  • Safety and risk recognition involved with alpine climbing
  • Safe and efficient movement through moderate (4th & 5th class) terrain
  • Simul-climbing vs. pitch climbing
  • Basic snow travel
  • Belay options, anchors, terrain belays, & rappel options and backups
  • Route planning, preparation, and route finding
  • Rock fall, weather, and avalanche recognition, avoidance, and mitigation
  • Retreats, forced bivouacs, basic survival
  • Equipment: the basics and how to improvise

Participants for this course should have some past experience lead climbing.

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Dates

  • May 28
  • Jun 18
  • Jul 23
  • Aug 27




  • 4 : 1