Intro to Backcountry Splitboarding

Montana Alpine Guides has partnered with Bozeman Splitfest to bring you our Intro to Backcountry Splitboarding course! 

The course is for resort snowboarders looking to break into backcountry split boarding.   We meet at our office to discuss equipment options, contents of our avalanche packs, the avalanche forecast, our route plan, & clothing considerations. We then depart for Yellowstone  NP to introduce travel methods for uphill touring.  Focus will then be on terrain and snow assessment as well as becoming exposed to riding in variable snow surfaces.

This Intro to Splitboarding Course is perfect to combine with a Level 1 Avalanche Course from Montana Alpine Guides.

*All splitboard trip locations are subject to change according to weather and snowpack conditions.

Course Date

March 4, 2023


Rates do not include a 4% Public Land Use Fee

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