Sport climbing is the best way to safely get involved in lead climbing and is the next step to opening the doors to the vast amount of climbing in this area. This course covers safety, climbing techniques, lead belaying and climbing, falling, gear choices and selections, anchor threading/lowering, and back up belays. This is a great way to get comfortable leading prior to venturing into our traditional lead climbing. Topics we will cover:

  • Risk management at the cliff/crag
  • Lead belaying techniques, catching falls, belay positioning.
  • Stick clipping options/pre-clipping, back clipping, “Z” Clipping
  • Equipment choices and use descriptions
  • Falling techniques and mitigating fear
  • Anchor transfer: threading and lowering.
  • Back up belaying

Our sport-climbing course should provide participants with a solid foundation for the duration of their outdoor climbing career.

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Dates

  • Apr 30
  • Jun 4
  • Jul 2
  • Aug 6
  • Sep 17




  • 4 : 1