Hyalite Canyon has over a hundred different ice climbs, making it an ideal arena for ice climbers to progress from novice to advanced ice climbers.  This four day course is designed to teach the skills and techniques to make the complete novice or beginner in to a self sufficient ice climber with all the skills needed to tackle steep single pitch to multi-pitch climbs.

Our Ice Progression Course starts with a similar itinerary as the “Intro to Ice Course” and then evolves in to our “Advanced Ice Course”.  We will start with the basic skill and techniques that create the solid foundation you will need to progress in the sport. Just as it is with any building a solid foundation is key to building upward with you climbing.  With this base you will quickly gain the needed skills to progress.  We will then move in to more advanced steep ice climbing techniques, skill sets, and the knowledge needed to become a self-sufficient climber.

Climbing on steeper, harder ice climbs requires an array of advanced skills.  With the right skills and techniques you can eliminate unnecessary fatigue and danger in your climbing day.  In this clinic we will go over how to place solid ice screws and how to make even more solid anchors.  Your will learn how to manage ropes in multi pitch settings as well as how to place screws while on lead (mock leading), both skills are necessary in order to move quick during short winter days.  You will also get plenty of mileage in on the ice as your instructor offers tips and skills for climbing on steep ice.

Course Duration

4 Days

Course Dates

  • Feb 1-4
  • Mar 1-4