At some point we all struggle to find climbing partners, have a partner bail, or just want to climb alone. Top-rope soloing, when applied correctly, offers a safe way to get some laps in on the rock when no partners are available. In this course we introduce the devices that can be used, fixing a rope to mitigate friction when in use for rope soloing, transferring to rappel, and the other minute and yet very specific details required to make it a safe option to climb on your own. This course addresses:

  • Risks and how to manage them when climbing alone
  • Top rope anchors for fixed ropes
  • Micro ascenders
  • Back up systems
  • Rope abrasion mitigation
  • Directional placements and uses
  • Rappel/descents and transfers
What our clients say about us

“We had a great time climbing Gallatin Tower in the Gallatin River Valley. Our group ranged in age from 8 to 43. Our guides, Genevieve and Kyle, were able to find routes to accommodate all of us. They really did a fantastic job.”

“Had the best time climbing with Montana Alpine Guides. Sam is a fantastic guide that I would recommend to anyone visiting Montana and the surrounding areas.”

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Dates

  • Custom dates: May-October


  • 4 : 1