Early Backcountry Turns – October Skiing in Montana 2019 – by Ty Guarino

The backcountry ski season is fully underway here in SW Montana and it’s only October! With almost three feet of snow in the mountains, MAG guides have started switching gears to get ready for the long winter of powder laps, peak descents, and instructing avalanche classes.

All Photos: “Snowtober” turns in Montana, October 2019!

We have been busy in our local ranges doing our early-season snowpack homework, and by all accounts, this ski season is already stacking up to be memorable. Since Saturday, October 26th, I have been lucky enough to get out in the “office” to investigate mother nature’s early season blessings. 

What I like most about early season skiing is the re-gathering of the winter community.  For the last four days, I have been able to connect with friends, new and old, over what makes us all feel healthy, happy, and alive.  It seems that the smiles and laughter brought on by powder skiing are wider, louder, and more genuine than any other activity I have experienced. 

We at MAG feel so fortunate to spend as much time as we do in the mountains. Even when we aren’t at work, it is important for us to find time to recreate and keep both our psych and skills sharp.  We would love nothing more than to show you the ‘time of your life’ this winter and share our favorite winter activities with you.

Check out the bounty we have scored already in the month of October, and call us about an avalanche course, or a guided peak descent, or some good ‘ol fashion powder skiing.  If the rest of the winter is going to be like October, then it will be DEEP☺

Ty Guarino works  for MAG as a Lead Avalanche Educator &  Ski Guide in the winter months. He is a professional member of the 3A (American Avalanche Association), certified to Avalanche Level III, a Ski Patroller at Big Sky, and he  is pursuing his AMGA certifications in ski & rock.