Thank you!

We had a great 2013-14 ice year thanks to all the solid guides and enthusiastic participants! We hope to see you all again next season or on the rock this summer!

Thanks to: Peter Ramos, Nate Opp, Noah Ronkowski, Justin Griffin, Conrad Anker, Adam Knoff, Duncan Williamson, Larry Lenard, Austin Hart, Tyler Sultenfuss, Anne Gilbert Chase, Aki Joy, Friends of Hyalite, Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center, Friends of the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center, Veterans Expeditions, Sierra Club Outdoors, Joe Josephson, Kevin McTeague, Michele Hardy, Carson Phillips, Brian Nealon, Anita Cech, Dan Henshaw, Dennis Valentino, Eric Lund, Lisa Brady, Jason Schuman, Ivan Breen, Carrie Dino, Janine Young, Steve Mears, Josh Brandon, Bruce Black, Dave Fierner, Dennis Conner, Mike Pickerel, Dan Shoemaker, Dan Wiwczar, Demond Mullins, John Krueger, Samantha Tinsley, Eddie Owens, Dave Lee Sandy Epstein, Chase Epstein, Blake Epstein, Kate Queen, Benjamin Hemelfarb, Jonathan Wachtel, Andy Powless, Megan Ferreira, Lorie Hong, Yluliya Rostovtseva, Stacy Bare, Nick Watson, Mike Pickerel, Ben McCandless, Perry Rust, Barbara Escher, CJ Ghesquiere, Kyle Ghesquiere, Wade Curtis, Ana Lujas, Dave Kotch, Whit Magro, Pro Lite Gear, Northern Lights Trading Company, the USFS, and of course the magnificent canyon we get to call our office!