Early Backcountry Turns - October Skiing in Montana 2019 - by Ty Guarino

The backcountry ski season is fully underway here in SW Montana and it’s only October! With almost three feet of snow in the mountains, MAG guides have started switching gears to get ready for the long winter of powder laps, peak descents,…

Thank you!

We had a great 2013-14 ice year thanks to all the solid guides and enthusiastic participants! We hope to see you all again next season or on the rock this summer! Thanks to: Peter Ramos, Nate Opp, Noah Ronkowski, Justin Griffin, Conrad Anker,…

Montana Alpine Guides 2014 VetEx Hyalite Trip

Nice work to everyone who made it up for Montana Alpine Guides (MAG) 2014 VetEx Hyalite Ice Trip. Another solid crew of folks who were all eager to learn and eager to climb 4 days in a row! A huge thanks out to the fellow MAG guides, Nate…