Hyalite Ice Conditions 11/20/18

This year is lining up to be another banner year in Hyalite!  As of now most routes are in climbable condition, though routes that receive more sun have taken a bit of a hit from the last few warm days. Mean while the smears are getting just the right recipe to grow.  Routes that don’t receive more than 3 hours of sunlight are growing substantially.  Nearly all routes in Flanders are in great shape.

We had our first guided outings of the season yesterday.  One guide climbed Feeding the Cat, Matrix, Mummy II, Scepter, and ended on G1- reported good conditions.  Another went up and guided/established a new route just left of Hangtime; a 60m M6/7 WI5 route.

We also spent a day up in Flanders, East Hyalite and other days in the main drainage. As always we updated the conditions page.  We had more eyes on routes and or climbed them.

Hope everyone has a great Turkey Day!

Let us know if you find conditions changing.


Flanders and Main Drainage

We climbed Narcolepsy in Flanders and had good views of other routes in the area. Released a small wind slab on the approach. Just sn’ice in the middle section with no good gear, but easier climbing. Other MAG guides ventured else where in Main Drainage (Alex’s Solo, Cleos, etc.). We updated our Conditions Page and will fill in more later tomorrow. …

Hyalite Ice Conditions Update – 12/8/15

This warm weather will take a toll on some routes and help others to grow. With the warm weather came super high winds = wind loading so watch for deposition and wind slabs through out the canyon – As always check GNFAC for the latest snow conditions. Let us know if you have seen something we haven’t.