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MAG and Hyalite Canyon ice climbing featured on National Geographic’s “Best of Montana in Winter: Outdoor Recreation”.

National Geographic featured Hyalite Canyon along with Montana Alpine Guides in top 5 things to do in a MT winter:

Hyalite Canyon south of Bozeman is the United States’ premier natural ice-climbing playground. From late October to the end of March, elite climbers from around the world head to Hyalite to scale the canyon’s countless frozen waterfalls. Although Hyalite is an ice-climbing mecca for experts, it’s not out of reach for anyone wanting to learn the basics. Climbing terrain in the canyon ranges from steep, crystal curtains cascading from cliffs to gentle low-angle ice suitable for beginners. “With a bit of coaching, anyone who knows how to kick [for kicking crampons into the ice] and swing a hammer [to use an ice tool] can have a fun day ice climbing,” says Sam Magro, owner and lead guide of Montana Alpine Guides. Magro offers courses designed to introduce both children and adults to what he terms the “mellower, sunny side” of the sport. “Ice climbing is similar to skiing in that there are extreme routes for experts, as well as bunny slopes for beginners,” he says. “It’s wild to climb water frozen in time. Learning with a guide is a great way to get out into Hyalite and get a feel for what ice climbing is all about.”

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